The SAFE PAY platform is currently interested in developing an innovative solution in the field of financial technologies that aims to raise the efficiency of collecting customs taxes and fees for cross-border e-commerce shipments by reformulating the traditional customs clearance profession and transforming it into automated processes with the aim of relying not on human handling and manual entry for customs operations but replacing them with smart systems based on modern technologies, in addition to artificial intelligence techniques and data analysis techniques.

Through the-“SAFE PAY”-platform, the team seeks-to actively contribute, God willing, to achieving one of the goals of the 2030 vision, which is to increase non-oil revenues by raising the efficiency of collecting taxes and customs fees and reducing tax evasion operations.

Through its innovative solutions, the platform also seeks, to break the bottleneck in customs ports and improve the customer experience in addition to increasing the profits of shipping companies and clearance companies by reducing operating costs, which in turn is achieved by reducing reliance on the human factor in completing customs clearance processes.